Soul Activation Light Code Oracle

Soul Activation Light Code Oracle are for those ready to journey home to self and explore their soul and the answers held within.  Are you ready to tap into the raw essence of who you are at your core, your light, your shadow and everything in between?

Soul Activation Light Code Oracle are high frequency pure light that activate and empower your infinite potential. The light energy signature of each word in the deck is transformed into symbolism, as a multidimensional light code that activate your unique soul expression.

Soul Activation Light Code Oracle are the energetic support you have been searching for to guide your soul led journey of self discovery, that aligns with your soul blueprint. They allow you to access the light and shadow of your soul's essence, the duality of you at a cellular level.

Look behind the words, go deeper for the journey is unique to your soul expression... feel into the information held within each of the light codes as you unlock their pure connection to your own vibrational frequency. You are in control of your journey, the depth reached is only bound by your commitment to your story, your own magic and the desire you have to tap into the abundance of information you you hold within

There are 50 cards In the Soul Activation Light Code Oracle, they can be used in many ways

  • for meditation
  • as journaling prompts
  • a personal daily inquiry
  • your favourite card spread
  • within your work with clients
  • for readings

They are also great for collective energy readings, group work and themes for circle.


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Copyright light code illustrations (C) Kellie Morris 2022

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