Mindfulness & me

Mindfulness & me

Mindfulness & me is a journey of self discovery for children. This booklet is filled with mindfulness activities, our children's chakra balancing activation codes and tools to support and guide their growth. Empowering children in making conscious choices that benefit their own wellbeing. Inspiration to explore and develop Mindfulness & me came through my own spiritual journey and intuitive nature, and my most fulfilling role being a mother to 6 boys. My teachings as a children's yoga and wellness instructor highlighted the need for children to be free to explore and align their emotional and energetic awareness and growth through developing a strong mind, body and spirit connection. For children to have access and support implementing mindfulness and healing strategies into their everyday lives. This and my work as a Childosophy children's wellbeing practitioner, intuitive artist and energy healer all have been a guiding light in bringing Mindfulness & me, and a beautiful sense of balance and self love into the lives and hearts of children.

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