Chakra Light Code Activation Deck - digital product

Chakra light codes are a must for anyone who works holistically to heal and support clients energetically.  Light workers - Reiki practitioners - Code keepers - Intuitive healers/guides/mentors - Chakra and energy workers - Channel/psychic/witches

These light codes will activate your healing to a whole new level, they are sacred keys that carry multidimensional energetic frequencies of light to unlock deep healing potential in the chakra layers. 

Chakra light code activations are keys attuned to the energetic signature and frequency of all 7 traditional chakras, and includes 2 divine anchors the soul star chakra light code and the earth star chakra light code. 

These 9 light codes open portals that help to shift frequencies in and around a person's energy field, thus awakening what a person is open to receive and activate within themselves. 

They facilitate deep healing by releasing stored energetic blocks and realign the chakras.

They facilitate the release of cellular level trauma and clear energetic imprints, recode new frequency activations and integrate healing and expansion.

They are a divine set of activation keys a must for your spiritual tool box. They work together to unlock portals bringing multidimensional healing light to your holistic healing work.


  • Attune to the light codes to master your own healing potential and intuitive awareness 
  • Work energetically with the light codes to open portals and activate all your healing work
  • Intuitively work with light codes as visual anchors, to activate dormant gifts and raise your vibration
  • Cellular level trauma release and new frequency coding activations
  • Integrate chakra balancing and healing sessions to maintain spiritual, mental and emotional harmony


  • soul star chakra light code - gain awareness of your soul purpose, ascension and enlightenment
  • earth star chakra light code - gain awareness of your earthly connection, grounding and past lives

* Please note this is a digital product for you to download and print. - recommended size - business card

Chakra light code activation cards can be purchased as a printed deck for $35 + postage

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